My Summer Car MultiMod

This mos adds an additional functionality to My Summer Car.

Author: n0tic

Version: 1.2

Size: 8.09 MB

This mod was not, initially, created to be release but It has grown and now got potential so I’m sharing!
It is currently in testing phase so report everything you experience being an error or problem AND be aware of risks:
There is high risk to corrupt your save / game files, so take backups and only use savefiles you don’t mind risk losing.

It requires MSC to load and work!

Version 1.2 (Game version: Experimental 28.01.2018 AND STABLE)

Latest update have made changes to soundsource I used in-game and it resulted in the feature BovSound to stop mod from finishing load.

  • Updated mod to be “compatable” with newest experimental version.
    (If the car breaks too much BovSound will stop working!)
  • Added ABS system to breaks.
    (Testing phase, enables with Boost Power Feature [F5])
  • Adjusted start Boost Power to default 1
    (Manually increase/decrease Boost Power using default -/+ in keypad)
  • Added method of detecting if engine is broken.
    (To turn off mod/resolve a bug causing engine to be on when it is broken)
    (Guages goes NUTS but engine is OFF. Lets try this.. awaiting feedback!)
  • Removed last gear (8th).
    (Trying out a new set of ratios on the gears!)
  • Removed audiosource being a requirement for BovSound.
    (It is now disabling BovSound instead.)

What does it include?

  • [F3] Help menu available!
  • [F8] No Requirements
  • [Left-Shift + M] In-Game Map!
  • [F5] Power Booster + BOV (Blow Off Valve) sound effect (Changeable)!
  • [Numpad Plus] Increase Power Boost!
  • [Numpad Minus] Decrease Power Boost!
  • [F6] SixGears modification => Extensive 8 gears transmission (Go even faster)! (Thanks: wolf_vx for reloaded and Sam Hocevar for initial release! Link down bellow!)
  • [Numpad Multiply] Change Day
  • (NEW) [Numpad Divide] Add 1000$ to player wallet.
  • [F7] Toggle transmission mode, automatic or manual!
  • [F10] Satsuma Teleporter!
  • [F11] Player Teleporter!
  • [Auto] Tachometer has been moved to allow view of speed meter! (Thanks Roman266! Link down bellow!)

Warning: Teleporting the car will NOT teleport any loose items inside the car!

How to install?

  1. Download and install ModLoader
  2. Unzip the archive into the root game directory (where mysummercar.exe is located)
  3. Run “Install My Summer Car Mod.bat” and follow the instructions

How do I know if mod is installed properly and runs?

Simple, if you launch the game it should be visible during and after loading on the left side of the screen. It should state “MySummerMultiMod: Loading…”. That means the mod has been successfully installed and is running.
If you, however, find this “MySummerMultiMod: Error, assets missing. Check installation.” on the left side of the screen you have installed the mod wrong. The mod is missing required assets inside game directory to work properly. This message is displayed IF the sound file or the map did not get loaded loaded properly. Either they don’t exist or they failed loading.

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