New House

This mos adds a new luxury two storey house to My Summer Car.

Author: kunedo

Version: 3.4

Size: 46.4 MB

How to use

  • The new house is located near ski jumps.
  • You will need about of 75 000 Finnish marks to buy the house. To do it go to the front door and click on the plate with the price tag.
  • Do not go to sleep in the new house smoking or your old house will burn!
  • If you want to play your songs on the radio of the new house you just have to put them in “Mods / Config / NewHouse /’here ‘” remember that they must be in OGG format no matter the name.

How to install

  1. Install MSCModloader.
  2. Put NewHouse.dll and Assets folder into your Mods folder.
  3. Place images in Images folder.

Change Log

V. 3.4

  • The way of reading the songs has been changed, now the format is OGG, when the game starts for 5 seconds it will load the songs.
  • Added more furniture.
  • Added mirror.
  • Changed some textures (little).

V. 3.3 ( test version radio )

  • Fixed the radio when it does not detect songs shows an error in console showing you the directory where the songs should go, and the radio will still work without songs but without mp3 mode.
  • Added flag in garage.
  • Now the pictures and the flag of the garage can be customized with personal textures, put the images in “/ Images” but do not change the name or format of the file. all images end in -newhouse.png.

V. 3.2(Emergency update)

  • Fixed the issues with the save.

V. 3.1

  • Functional barbecue.
  • Added steak.
  • Now the steak if left out of the fridge will eventually rot.
  • Added site to store the firewood in the barbecue.
  • Now the steak can be cooked on the barbecue, being able to burn the steak.
  • Now the steak can be bought at the store.
  • Fixed various bugs.

V. 3.0

  • Now the radio plays your mp3 files. put mp3 files in “Mods/Config/NewHouse/insert here…”
    only supports mp3.
    two modes radio and mp3.
  • Fixed bug when u die savegame bug.

V. 2.9

  • Added various items in garage.
  • Added battery charger and now loads faster.
  • Change texture wall.
  • Added a surprise in your room.
  • Fixed remote control, if not appear delete save file newhouse-remote.xml.
  • Fixed spraycan , now works , spawn correctly and save position.
  • Removed a fence from the entrance hall to facilitate entry / exit from the door to the garage or inverse.

V. 2.8

  • Fixed problem with remote gate.

V. 2.7

  • Added electricity consumed kwh.
  • Added a item Remote Control Gate.
  • Now the gate only open with Remote Control Gate.
  • Added ReadKWH and button for cut electricity.
  • MailBox added letter for pay consume kwh.the letter will arrive every Monday in the first hour.
  • Moved magazine for shop parts to new house.
  • Added spraycans to new house but spawn incorrect ( I’ll fix it later).

V. 2.6

  • Added chimney and site to cut firewood.
  • Fixed floor truck garage.
  • Add a little furniture
  • Automatic door garage modify.

V. 2.5

  • Change format textures.
  • Change of almost all textures.
  • Sleep position adjusted.
  • Added barbecue but without functionality.
  • Added oven and extractor.
  • Added desk and pc without functionality.
  • Now saves lights and doors separates , first login with this version dont load lights and door but after yes.
  • Added lod to house.
  • Fixed minor bugs and improve fps.

V. 2.4


  • Fixed fps drop.

V. 2.3


  • Fixed savehouse.
  • Fixed sound garage.

V. 2.2


  • Added garage for trucks.
  • Improve doors.
  • Create new shower and tap for evade conflict burned house old.
  • Compatibility with kilju bucket in new shower and tap.
  • Added a map.
  • Added entrance door and compatibility with all cars.
  • Added lights in pool.
  • Added lights in Entrance House.
  • Improve items spawns location for evade drop shelves.
  • Retexture and change format.
  • More with more time :).

V. 2.1


  • Fix of the bug of the old burned house provisional, if the kitchen or the shower or the living room are destroyed in the new house will not be interact but the rest if it will be functional.
  • Fixed phone with the problem of character blocking.
  • Driveway adjust.
  • Fix model water jacuzzi.
  • Add sound garage door.
  • Fix correct position items when spawns.
  • Change height floor.
  • Fix a lot of bugs.

V. 2.0

  • Added a Clock.
  • Added pool.
  • Change of several models for tests.
  • Fixed a bug with Phone.
  • Fixed TV.
  • Fridge interact.
  • More with more time 🙂 .

V. 1.0

  • Initial Upload.



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