Coffee Machine (Coffee Maker)

This mos adds a coffee machine, coffee beans and water bottle to My Summer Car. And you can make fresh coffee with this.

Author: zamp

Author: 7.0

Size: 11 MB

How to install

  1. Install MSCModloader.
  2. Put coffeemachine.dll and Assets folder into your Mods folder.

How to use

  1. You can find coffee machine in the kitchen.
  2. For making coffee you will need: bottled water and pot coffee beans (you could buy in the store).
  3. Open the top cap of the coffee machine, pour coffee beans out of the jar, pour a bottle of water.
  4. Press the CMB and wait for coffee is ready.
  5. To spill the coffee just bring a mug to the coffee machine

Change Log

V 7.0

  • Mesh of models reduce weight.
  • Remove kitchen sink , now the bottles are filled at the kitchen tap.

V 6.0

  • Added key for enable/disable cup holder.
  • Fixed the gui that caused bug in general gui.
  • Coffe machine button to start resize.
  • Now it warns you if something is missing to start coffe machine.

V 5.0

  • Added shopping bag, but does not use the game shopping bag, will add another equal for the objects of this mod. but it does not break down when you save or die.
  • Modification of the GUI so that it is not so annoying.
  • Retexture 3D models.
  • Repositioned objects in the store.

V 4.0

  • Solved a problem with saves, need a delete files saves created from this mod, for solve bugs , sorry.

V 3.0

  • Added a cup holder at satsuma only working with cup at this moment.
  • Now the coffee machine will make 3 cups of coffee.
  • Many bug fixes.

V 2.0

  • Add cup of coffee, and do not disappear!
  • Add a trash bin for kitchen.
  • Fixed proper save correctly rotation objects.
  • Now you can not drink directly from the coffee machine, bring the empty coffee cup closer to the coffee machine.
  • Now the water bottles are refillable in the kitchen sink, there are no more locations to fill it.

V. 1.0

  • Initial Upload.

Future Planned

  • Add a case for bottle water.


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