1911 Colt – Weapon mod

This mod adds the 1911 Colt to the game. You can buy bullets for it in Teimo’s Shop.

Author: wolf_vx

Version: 0.9.1

Size: 321 KB

Oxidizer Carbon Mass Ejector 9000.
Or simply a 1911 Colt mod.


How to nstall

Extract Gun1911Colt.zip into your mods directory, possibly Documents/MySummerCar/Mods, steamapps/common/My Summer Car/mods, or AppData/LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car/Mods, depending on how you installed MSCModLoader.

How to use

  • You can find the gun in the parents ‘ room (in the corner of an empty room).
  • You can purchase cartriges (firearms) in Teimo’s Shop (the box next to the cigarettes).
  • Press R button to reload the gun.

Change log

ver 0.9.1

Fixed: gun drop which cause it to fall through the floor​

ver 0.9

Initial Upload​

ver 0.1

Closed beta release​

Known issues

  • Gun might fall through thin surfaces
  • Shooting Yellow, Blue, Green car anywhere causes driver to die
  • Bullet ejection velocity isn’t relative to the player moving
  • Unintended feature: Reloading non empty gun causes it throw away unused bullets.
  • Ghostly bug which causes ammo boxes to stay in shop. 1/200 people get it.​

Credits (Special Thanks to)

Talia Kuznetsova for ammo box texture, ideas and suggestions.


If you get that ghost bug with ammo boxes not saving, I suggest you remove all of the mods and re-save your game bone stock and then reinstall all of the mods you had. Apparently stock game save gets messed up. I don’t think its my mod’s fault because I have tested it with a bunch of other mods installed and everything saved like it should.



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